Sewing double – amnesty!


It was not intended for a sewing double challenge, but this thought often visited me, even after the challenge was over… My first pants were in black and they turned out just great. So here we go, another pants, take number two. Sewing pants is never easy, there are a lot of details to be aware of. Especially with skinny pants, everything needs to be immaculate, otherwise you might end up looking silly. My first take on sewing pants was a huge success, at least for me. They came out nice and smooth, sewing pockets was a pure joy, crotch area was nicely fitted. I would never expect my first pants to turn out anywhere near being good, and it does not matter how good of a sewing enthusiast you are – sewing pants is never easy. As soon as I finished my first pants I decided to not to wait longer and traced out the second pattern out of baby blue stretch cotton. I wanted something more casual, for every day wear, for a walk in a park or a casual lunch in a town, something I could wear with my favorite Converse, as well. It has been almost 3 weeks since I managed to get my hands on this project, and finally it is finished. Everything to the final seam.

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Pattern: Burda’s narrow pants pattern 115 from 3/2014, great pattern and the March issue of the magazine also has a step-by-step detailed instructions, that helped me greatly.

Fabric: baby blue stretch cotton, 2 butting, white exposed zipper

New Techniques: the original pattern included two back pockets that I hesitated about and eventually omitted at my first try sewing black pants, but this time I decided to do the back pockets for more of a denim pants look. I thought it would be messy and somehow uncomfortable to topstitch the, but if to be honest – it turned to be my favorite part of this sewing experience. Also, this time a used a fusible interfacing for the waistband detail, just to make it a bit tougher. The only thing that I really don’t look forward to while sewing pants is the belt loop part. I can’t seem to find good enough explanation as of why, but let’s just say –  not all of the sewing needs to be joyful 🙂

Blouse: I also made the blouse, I used crepe fabric in off white. Raglan sleeves are one of my favorite and this pattern is particularly great and can be dressed up or down.

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