Amnesty Month: Dusting of Cocoa

Dusting of Cocoa Shrug_FrontBack_TMS

This make was meant to be for Sew Indie Month. I had intended to make this and a Tiramisu Dress from Cake Patterns as my ‘New to Me’ makes… and I missed it.
Then there was Let them Sew Cake Month and I thought I would be able to make it for that month… and I missed it.
So now I’m just fitting this into Sew Amnesty Month.
Third time is a charm?

Cake Patterns Riff 3333 Cocoa Knit Shrug Riff – Short sleeve view

How you found the pattern and the instructions.
The pattern was very different to what I usually sew with. Cake patterns has a sort of ‘connect-the-dots’ system for using their patterns. Which I found fascinating and perplexing at the same time.

Where the instructions easy to follow?
As this is a ‘riff’ on a pattern the instructions are clearly written instructions only. This was not ideal for me as this was the first Cake pattern I’d ever sewn.

How was the pattern fit?
I think I took a wrong turn somewhere, because when it came to basting the side seams and trying it on to test fit, it came out waaay larger than expected. Admittedly, I didn’t follow the sizing instructions to the T, so the bad fit is most likely due to user error.
I decided that I liked the style enough to persevere and fudge my way through fixing the fit as much as I could.

Would you recommend it?
I really like the style and would recommend it to others who are attracted to the shape. However, I would recommend that others try sewing a different Cake pattern first to get a grasp of how the Cake pattern system and fit works.

Would you make it again?
I do want to make this again. However, I will have to trace off a new pattern based on the dimensions of this make.

Ponte Knit from stash
Interfacing from stash
Black thread from stash

~Changes I made this time~
I adjusted the bust darts and side seams to get a better fit.
I topstitched the neckline facing down once I had attached the hem band. I just preferred it to be fixed, although it does create some subtle drag lines.

~What I Like~
I really like the style.
I like how the hem band is finished at the front opening.
I like the sleeve length on this version, however, I have a feeling that if I had picked the correct size they would have been much shorter. Something to remember when I make another version.

~What I Don’t Like~
The Ponte knit I used is just a little to thick and non-breathable. It can get quite hot.
I don’t like the way armbands are sewn on before the side seams. This means that once the side seams are sewn it’s a but bulky at the armhole seams. It’s just not as neat as I would like. I’d prefer to attach the bands, joined into a loop, after the side seams are sewn. I zigzagged over where the armbands joined at the side seams in an attempt to make them lie a bit flatter.
After making the fit adjustments I think it is now ‘slightly’ too snug. So that is something I need to take into consideration when I pick a new size when sewing it again.

~Changes for Next Time~
Picking the right size would be a great place to start with changes.
However, making sure the sleeves are a similar length to this make would be good too.
Use a cooler fabric, perhaps some merino that I keep reading about on the blogosphere.

~Final Comment~
I’m quite pleased with this make. It will probably get worn most in late autumn/winter because of the weight of the fabric. Even though the fit was off to begin with I’m really proud of myself for persevering and getting it to fit better.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed working on some unfinished projects this month.

Thanks for reading, until next time,

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