Amnesty Month: well & truly covered

I knew there were several garments I’d meant to post earlier in 2014, but hadn’t. Determined to catch up, I sat down at the computer to begin.

With much determination I went to my teensy portion of The Monthly Stitch to count my existing 2014 postings.

(Conversation with self)
Firstly, review what you’ve already posted.
Just checking… uh –   huh.   . . . . .  uhh…
Well?  Weell??  WELL???
(tiny voice) Nothing.
(whisper) Nothing.
S h o c k e d     s i l e n c e.

What can one say.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who’s posted throughout 2014.  Your inspiration has kept me motivated to sew, and try new things, even if they weren’t posted here!


now i think about adding piping to all sorts of things!

love this to bits – wearing with long-sleeved blouses & merinos & boots when cooler

so cool & light – doubles for night/lounging in hot weather
and i’ve got more of this fabric!

my inspiration for purchasing Vogue 1236 was this fabric. they both clicked into sync soon as I spied the pattern. and am i finished with just 3? naaaahhhh !!!

January – New Skill
April – Sewing Double (Vogue 1236)
May – Sew Stretchy
July – Mono Sewn& August – Let them sew – Cake

4 thoughts on “Amnesty Month: well & truly covered

    • Thank you – here are the deats:
      Original muffin (in American language) recipe from my dear Canadian friend Josée; and, my cake version here. See PD/ below

      Words cannot describe how deliciously chochy either version turns out!
      Oops – For the cakey version bake at 350 degrees until done. (I use a glass 8″x8″ well-oiled pan, than can then be “floured” with cocoa before adding batter.) How long??
      Depending on how many choc chips you put into the thick batter, you’ll have to guess!
      I deleted lots of sugar and added coconut instead of walnuts, but any nut can be used, or not. To your taste!
      My next batch will be with wheat bran, and hope thy turn out just as well.


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