Happy belated birthday, TMS, would you like some … shortbread?

Although I’ve been merrily sewing away, I’ve been a bit slack on the photography side of things recently. Originally, I intended to post this dress for August’s “Let them sew … Cake” challenge – with cake. Instead, it’s just scraping into the end of Amnesty Month with – shortbread?!! Nana’s secret recipe, though, quick and easy and a terrific tin filler.

The pattern is vintage Simplicity 3107 and the wool blend fabric has been in the stash for a good 20 years. I was unsure of the original pale grey colour so dyed it teal – very happy with the results. Read more here…

Vintage Simplicity 3107 in a teal striped wool

Very happy birthday, The Monthly Stitch, hip hip hooray!

Nana’s Shortbread

250 grams (8 ozs) butter
125 grams (4 ozs) icing sugar (= 1 cup)
200 grams(7 ozs) flour
200 grams (7 ozs) cornflour
pinch of salt

Cream butter and sugar well.
Mix in sifted dry ingredients.
Turn mixture out onto a floured board and divide in half.
Roll each half into a long roll. (Don’t knead, this will make the biscuits tough instead of light and fluffy!)
Slice each roll into pieces about 1cm wide, and place on baking sheet.
Bake until a light cream colour in a moderate-cool oven (150º–180ºC or 300º – 350ºF).
Makes 20–30, depending on how much dough you eat first!

24 thoughts on “Happy belated birthday, TMS, would you like some … shortbread?

    • Yessss, with half a pound of butter in these bad boys this recipe’s definitely not for weight watchers! Delicious, though – even hubby (who says he doesn’t like sweets) can’t resist them.


  1. Oohh this dress is so darling! The pattern is probably one I could easily pass over just based on the envelope but seeing it all made up beautifully in cozy wool has me doing a double take! I love the details and pleats in the front that give it character. Fantastic work! I must now keep a much more open mind next time I’m vintage pattern hunting!


    • I know, there are so many pretty vintage patterns out there it’s too easy to walk right past a good basic. This pattern was a great choice for the fabric, because it allowed me to cut the stripes to form chevrons around the body.
      Bonus – the neckline is close fitting and slightly raised, stopping the nasty draft from the aircon at work blowing down my neck – plus it has pockets!


        • In the middle of winter a front zip will definitely speed up changing time. Trying to eliminate back zips when possible – finding them increasingly difficult to do up on cold mornings. I should really do more yoga!


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