Amnesty Monosewn Polkadot Dress

I couldn’t help myself and made a polkadot dress…again…and again, it is black and white, no colour in sight. So naturally, this would have been an ideal post for the monosewn challenge, but i just never got around to taking pictures up until now.
I’ve got at least 5-6 dress that are black and white now, which is totally strange, because I live for colour, but there is something about black and white that just calls to me.
I found this lovely, I suppose viscose? fabric in Amsterdam last year, and it has been sitting on my shelf for the right moment. Which was, when I finally had the courage to cut into the fabric.
My mind kept rolling around, saying: “Black Polkadots on white, ginormous polkadots at that, and circle skirt, nuff said.”
I had to make this dress. If you like, read more here…
For the bodice part I used the Emery bodice, but modified it quite a bit. Actually, I just wanted to change the neckline into a heart shape neckline, but it was gaping at the shoulders, so I pinned and tucked and ended up with kinda princess seams, which also hiked up the bodice quite a bit. Should have done a muslin first. Yeah, I’m daft, I know, but I still like it. I left out the zipper, because I can’t be bothered with that. Instead of the gathered skirt of the Emery pattern, I made a semi circle skirt, using the skirt part of the Hawthorn dress pattern and as always, I love the swishing and twirling.

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