McCall’s Printed Match Set

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I’ve strayed away from my beloved indie patterns this time around. I feel like such a cheater flirting with one of the big four pattern companies.  I also didn’t make a dress, but I made a skirt so there really isn’t that much difference.  I chose to jump on the “matchy matchy” bandwagon with guns a blazing. McCall’s 6966 (skirt) and 6844 (jacket) were my weapons of choice.  Yeehaw!  As always you can visit my blog for more witty repertoire.

McCall's jacket/skirt set













Both patterns were easy to work with.  These were actually my wearable muslins.  Adventurous I know. It’s not my normal modus operandi, but I had studied these patterns so much, it felt like I’d already made them.  McCalls’s 6844 has been reviewed two million times on PR.

McCall's jacket and skirt set3












Here is the short of it:

Size: Jacket (M) Skirt (S) – I think both patterns ran big and went down a size.

Needles: Universal 14 – Dritz

Stitch: Zigzag (med. width)

Alterations: None, except I excluded the interfacing for the collar.  Next time I won’t, my collar was a little sad.

Fabric: A wonderful printed knit from JoAnn’s in the clearance bin.

Conclusion:  I would highly recommend both patterns.  I will make more of both pieces at a later date.  I think if I use the Mabel (Colette Patterns) instructions, I would be able to forego the use of the elastic.

SN: I’m not sure what category this really belongs in, sew stretchy, perhaps?


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    • Thank you. When I saw this knit in the clearance section it was still $8yd. but I knew a 50% off clearance was coming soon (I had a week to wait). One of the younger sales associates told me to put it on the lowest shelf and that it would probably still be there because there was so much of it on the bolt. I came in early on the day the sale started and there it was. I was so giddy and $4yd. to boot. Total score! I must say our local JoAnn’s has really stepped up their game.

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