Frocktober – Sew with Us – Sewaholic Lonsdale: Day 4

Here we are at day four of the Sew with Us Sewaholic Lonsdale series 🙂

Yesterday we turned out bide and had fun with pockets. Today we’re assembling the skirt and joining on the bodice.

Remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and for a more technical run through you can also jump over to the Lonsdale Sew Along on the Sewaholic website.

Let’s do it!

Step 11: I already overlocked my skirt edges so after stitching I pressed all seams open.

This skirt is huge, it doesn’t all fit in the photo 🙂

Step 12: Attaching the skirt.

Step 13: It’s time for the hand sewing bit…

Wanna hear a secret?

I am not a big fan of hand sewing.

You dislike tracing?

I will happily trace your entire pattern collection if you’d do this little bit of handsewing for me! 😉

I do love a beautifully hand sewn seam though, I just feel like it takes me aaaages.

I have learnt that buying good quality needles and using good quality thread can make a huge difference.

Oh and practice!

I also use beeswax to stop the thread from tangling and recently began using a thimble but I forgot to put it in the photo. It was awkward to get used to at first but trust me, it’s worth persevering and will save your sore fingers.

Step 14: So I took my time and carefully stitched my waistband down and now I have pressed my seam allowances back ready for the zipper.

Step 15: Wanna hear another secret?

I almost always swap out a dress zipper for an invisible one.

I know not everyone loves invisible zippers but I do. I find them much quicker and easier to insert and I love the clean line of a seam that’s secretly a zipper, but invisible.

It’s been so long since I’ve put in a regular dress zipper that I decided to give one a go so I unscrewed my foot quick release and dug our my zipper foot.


We’re so close to finishing now! 🙂 Tomorrow it’s time to hem and then we can share our finished photos.

Remember to post your progress over on the Facebook group page.

See you soon! xx



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