Frocktober – Sew with Us – Sewaholic Lonsdale: Day 5

Welcome back! Today is day five, our last day, of the Sew with Us Sewaholic Lonsdale series 🙂

Yesterday we got right through to step 15 and now we can try our dress on and hem it.

Remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and for a more technical run through you can also jump over to the Lonsdale Sew Along on the Sewaholic website.

Let’s get back to it!

Step 16: Stop!

Hemming time!

Wow, look how long my Lonsdale is! I prefer my dresses about knee length so I’m going to have to chop some of this off…

Here it is.

I cut about 19cms at the front and 16 cms at the back.

I left the skirt 3cms longer than my preferred final length and after overlocking the raw edge I folded it up twice (1.5cm each time) and pressed…

…you can handstitich it down if you want but I decided that the relaxed style of this dress and my fabric choice would be fine with a stitched hem finish.

Steps 17 & 18: You can now chose to tie your front in a half-knot or full-knot.

I went with a half-knot and I have noticed that the tightness of your knot can affect the fit of your dress.

When I first tried the dress on by holding the ties behind my neck I had a little bit of gaping at the top of my bodice either side of center front. I was a little bit worried that I needed to add a dart but when I tightened my knot and tied it properly at the back this gaping went away.

Right! I think we’re done, ready for the final photos? Me too!

In case you are wondering, yes, I am wearing a bra. It’s one of those convertible ones you can move the straps about or even take them off completely depending on your dress neckline. Every lady should have this kind of bra in her unmentionables drawer. I suggest splashing out on an expensive one, you’ll have it for a long time, they are very handy.

The second thing you might be wondering is if it’s possible to dress yourself into this frock without help? Well I wasn’t sure at first and I did need assistance initially tying the bow but now that it’s done I can take the dress off and put it on again ny only undoing the zipper and leaving the bow done up.

So that’s my Lonsdale,

Now show me yours! 🙂

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Tomorrow we’ll say hi to Tasia and learn a bit more about Sewaholic and the Lonsdale dress and you have a couple more days to get your pretty Lonsdales up on the blog.

The Lonsdale competition closes on midnight 11th October (24:00 UTC).

I hope you enjoyed Sewing With Us and I’m looking forward to seeing all your Lonsdales and wins the first week of Frocktober.



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