Frocktober Blue

I generally make dresses, so I got rather excited about Frocktober! Mostly because I had just bought half a dozen dress patterns from the Simplicity Sale. For this challenge, I chose Simplicity 1715. I absolutely loved the neckline, and couldn’t wait to give it a try!
I chose a fabric which has a one way stretch and a soft smooth, but awfully cold feel to it. I was expecting excessive fraying, but it was actually really good!
Herein lies problem 1: I didn’t buy enough fabric, especially because the collar needs to be laid cross grain, taking up more space. I was only about half a metre out, but it was enough for me to decide that short sleeves would look better than long sleeves!

The amazing neckline that inspired me in the first place

As a pattern, it was easy to follow and simple to construct, although the pattern sizing on the back of the envelope is a bit confusing. The pattern comes with separate bodice pieces for A-D cups, size 8-12 and then has three different options for the back which got confusing! However, I wasn’t too far out, and I enjoyed playing with pleats, and the neckline was really easy and I definitely chose the right sort of fabric for my dress.
I would happily make this again in all the colours of the rainbow! Had a couple of very proud ‘No I made it’ moments at the family party I wore this to.

Full Length

I already have at least one other dress I will make this month, because of Halloween and all that, and I am definitely looking forward to it!

Apologies for poor lighting, it was raining outside

I’ve included this on my blog at Frocktober on Simply By Bea
Have Fun Sewers! Bea xx

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