A spot (stripe) of upcycling for Froctober

This is my first contribution to Monthly Stitch so be kind!

I had this ‘Where’s Wally’ long-sleeved top that I loved but sadly it was too tight on the hips and kept rolling up as I walked. So instead of chucking it to my taller, slimmer sister I decided on a spot of upcycling. IMG_4949

The red knit fabric on the bottom half I originally bought in Sri Lanka and made into a nursing maxi dress for a friends wedding last year. I’d only worn it once and thought it might get more use as a top.

I love this Vogue pattern 8685 – I’ve made 2 dresses from it already both of which have had lovely comments from people. This time I went for the pencil skirt option stopping at knee level.

I had to do a little bit of creative butchering to make the bodice fit. Once I’d cut the seams off the top the bodice pieces wouldn’t fit. I opted to add in pieces but turned the stripe vertically rather than horizontally. It makes for a bit of an optical illusion about where my waist is which is quite a nice feature I think.

 IMG_4958 IMG_4967 IMG_4962

(Excuse the dog – she wanted to be famous on the internet I think)

All in all this dress took me 1.5 hours to make – that’s half an hour of cutting and 1 hour of sewing. Living where I do in the countryside that’s about how long it would take me to hop on the bus into town and buy a new dress. Except on this occasion the dress was free and I didn’t have to sit next to any weirdos on the bus for half an hour. RESULT!

Even better because its very stretchy fabric I realised I can still cycle to work in it. There’s a brief moment of knicker flashing as I threw my leg over the saddle but who cares about a bit of knicker flashing?

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  1. Welcome! Enjoyed your first post, and hope we’ll read lots more! What a grand idea, and very practical of you. I’m also a bus person, so understand the time involved in getting places. So much easier to shop our stash… looks like you’ve got a good one, too! Am impressed that you can even cycle in it. Wow!

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