Frocktober 2014- Giselle

I fell in love with this pattern months ago and promised myself I would buy it and make it. It was just so pretty and feminine with a cool bohemian/ country girl vibe. (Is there such a thing?) When The Monthly Stitch announced Frocktober AND were doing a week long Sew-Along and feature of the Kate & Rose Giselle pattern I knew I was going to be fulfilling that promise! Giselle Pattern by Kate & Rose There are 2 versions of the dress you can choose from. View A is above and has 3/4 sleeves. View B is a sleevelss maxi! I love me a maxi and WILL make one of these for myself. But the dress I was making was for Holly (who has been SPOILED in the dress department the last month or so), and she liked the shorter one. Although you will see I made some changes and sort of blended the two together! Giselle Dress Pattern by Kate & Rose I used a black and white floral print dress cotton I had bought in Los Angeles in the Fabric District. Can’t remember the shop but I know it was a SUPER deal. It turned out to be one of those pieces of fabric you wish you’d gotten more of. The weight is perfect- not too see through. It didn’t wrinkle too much during the pre-wash phase. And it was 54″ wide so plenty of space to work with. I actually bought it for ME ME ME but I was having trouble finding exactly the fabric I wanted for this dress. I was looking at the waistline pieces (there are 2 versions) and the lines of View A called out to me and said “PIPING.” Yes, I swear I heard the angels sing… and a lightbulb went off above my head… and I remembered the black and white fabric and knew red piping would make a most excellent addition. I would have piped the neck but the remaining packages of red at JoAnns were a different dye lot and I did not want to ruin the fabulous dress by using a slightly lighter red piping! Holly Giselle Bodice I am so in love with this dress and pattern. PDF’s are not my favorite thing in the world but I have been getting a little practice lately and this one ended up going together pretty easily. As you have probably noticed we wanted a “spinny” skirt as we call them around here. Holly Giselle Skirt I cut a front and a back the width of the fabric. The Maxi has a second ruffle so I borrowed from that look and made a short ruffle to add on. I think that makes it “double spinny” right? 😉 Giselle Dress by Kate and Rose Sorry about the blurriness. I was checking out the new BURST feature on my phone camera. My bodice has lining also. I just have a thing about lining bodices. Especially if I am working with a white base. The directions call for bias tape around the sleeves and neckline. I had to think the whole lining thing through before starting because of the extra pieces but it worked beautifully. Holly Giselle3 The Giselle dress also does not have a zipper. Hip Hip Hooray! It is a just loose enough to get over your head and there is a pretty tie back to give the dress nice shape. Holly Giselle Back This dress was a big hit at my house. I have an open stairwell and whenever I finish a project I hang it under the stairs. The next morning when #1 walked by she asked, “who is that dress for? I love it!” Ummm… that is for Holly. Several hours later daughter #3 came down (she likes to sleep until noon) and said, “Who  is that dress for? I want one!” Ummmm… that is for Holly. I guess Holly is a lucky little girl! But frankly, as I tell them, she WEARS what I make her! Sewing for someone who WEARS what you make is a joy! But I will be making more. They will all be a little different- Less skirt and no ruffle on Juliette’s. 3/4 sleeve for Kadi. Maxi for ME ME ME! Seriously a great dress! And Kate & Rose have more delights for you to check out!  Holly Giselle2 Thank you Monthly Stitch for getting the ball rolling on this one. Me and my girls all need MOAR DRESSES! Happy Sewing! Laurie xo Giselle

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  1. You’re a lucky mom, with a girl who WEARS what you make her (I can totally relate). After seeing your version of the dress, I’m really wanting to make it! It looks like it would be fun to wear to my square-dancing class! It’s so cute and spinny! I love that word.


  2. I never really cared for this pattern, but I think your dress had me change my mind 😀
    Super cute, and the red piping is brilliant!


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