Froctober 2014 Winter Kate & Rose Giselle

Winter is coming…but I love this pattern so I thought I would make it in a wintry interlock fabric. I first saw Giselle way back in April I think on Esty and its literally been sitting in my Etsy basket since then. When this month challenges were announced I chose the Dakota initially because I thought I couldnt make a Giselle in our winter here and wear it. But then I had this interlock thick knit fabric that was destined to be a shift – y  type dress. Still couldn’t get Giselle out of my mind, eyed up the fabric and the more I looked the more I saw the fabric only become a Giselle. I love the feminine boho seventies vibe of the pattern especially the fitted midriff. I could picture it with my boots and a cowl scarf.


Cutting out and taping the pattern was straight forward. I cut out a size medium basted the bodice pieces and unfortunately it was on the big side and the bust line was too high. Took it apart and cut it down to a small. In order to lower the bust line I lengthened the bodice piece  by  1.5 inches – that did it!

Winter Giselle Dress

The bias band around the neck was an accident – I was actually trying to put the binding behind the edge! Only realized after stitching a few inches and as I was about to unpick I thought hang on? Can I make this work? Finished of stitching and folded the binding over double to make that band. I was happy with that! The instructions were very clear and easy to follow which was great. The dress looked great sleeveless but I went on to insert sleeves because…well its a winter dress so it needed to be warm. But I do have plan now to make the Giselle as a sleeveless dress for summer…….(added to my ever expanding queue ;-).

Giselle Dress

The major struggle I had was with the gathering on the skirt. Since I wanted a full skirt there was a lot of fabric there and I am just not good with gathers! There I said it….(feel so much better now). That aside I would say this is an easy to make dress. I finished in 2 sittings, all in all it took me about 4 hours total which isn’t bad IMHO.

I have been wearing all day and I love it. Such a flattering  fit and oh so warm and cosy – perfect for the really dull grey overcast rainy days we have been having 😉 Goes without saying that I recommend this pattern 😉 Thank you Kate of Kate&Rose for such a lovely pattern.

Walking away Giselle dress…

21 thoughts on “Froctober 2014 Winter Kate & Rose Giselle

  1. Your dress is lovely and looks great on you! I would have never thought to use a “wintery” type fabric but, now I just have to. The print is great and your personal design touch of the binding is perfect.

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  2. I can’t believe that’s a four-hour dress, it’s fabulous! Looks like a great fit and the border print is really lovely. I don’t have much love for gathers either, I find them quite fiddly. Using pins along the way to manipulate the fabric has saved me from serious trouble with them though (I hold the pins as each one a approaches the foot to guide/lightly shove the fabric under the needle and monitor puckering and alignment).


  3. Your dress turned out quite lovely, and the fabric you chose with the boarder print works so well with the design. I agree with you on the sleeves, the weather here changing, and we’ll have to put away all those summer dresses and sew warmer items. Great Job!


  4. Gorgeous version of this dress–it looks so good on you! Someone once told me to do THREE lines of gathering. I know, right? But adding another line at about 3/4″ from the edge gives even more control. It has helped me, but I still don’t feel satisfied with my gathering skillz.

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  5. Another lovely dress. You really do a beautiful job. Regarding your hate relationship with gathers … do you run two lines of basting stitches, one above and the other below your seamline? Stitch those about 3/8″ to 1/2″ apart so you know you won’t sew your seam on top of them. Once that’s done, grab the bobbin thread for both basting lines and pull both at same time as you are bringing those gathers together. Match your notches and pin enough to hold gathers in place. When sewing my seam, I always manipulate my fabric so the gathers are tugged straight and not allowed to twist too badly.

    You may be doing all those things and I may just be sticking my nose in! 😀
    Have fun,

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    • Thanks Ramona! I do the first bit but when sewing them they get all twisted. What I havent been doing is manipulating the fabric to tug them straight. I will definitely try that next time!


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