Giselle and our love hate relationship!

Dear Giselle,

We started our relationship with what I thought was a mutual understanding. I thought you understood that I was going to complete you without testing the size by sewing a muslin dress. I read the measurements and I thought we both agreed that medium was the way to go. I swore we were on the same page but after all was said and done, we were not. I completed you in all your glory in the medium and you were so stunning, I could not wait for Mori to come home and try you on so that I could hem you.

So the next morning I get Mori up and tell her to try you on so that I can finish your hem. As she starts to ease you over her head, I was thinking hmmm that seems a little big, but I pushed that thought to the back of my head. I figured once we get it on and tie the belts it will be OK.  So she finally gets you on and guess what? You were just hanging off her like you weren’t made for her. You were too big, Giselle, just to dam big and there was no getting around it. I sat with you on my lap trying to fight back the tears that were starting to form in my eyes, screaming whhhyyyy Giselle, whhhyyyy?

I mentally slapped myself and said “get it together Michelle”, the only option was to take you apart for a do-over, much smaller this time. So that was what I did and although you came out just as stunning as you did on the first go-round I don’t think our relationship will ever be the same, we can be friends but not like before.  Be happy with Mori

Your friend,


I re-purposed a thrift shop denim jumper for the top of this dress. I used the button down from with the buttons and I used the pockets at they were. The floral fabrics were in my stash and it all worked well together. remember it doesn’t always have to match! This pattern was the best PDF pattern that I have used thus far. All lines matched up perfectly! the instructions were super easy to follow and just as easy to make.

I chose the Giselle dress because this reminds me of my childhood. This dress is definitely a throw-back from the seventies! I mixed the dresses and added another panel to the bottom of this maxi, and my daughter wanted this to touch the ground, that’s why it’s so long. As you read in my letter to Giselle I had to alter to the small size and since I had to take it apart I changed up some of the fabric on the bottom. If you want to see the full story and both dresses stop on by the blog ThatBlackChic. Oh yeah the weather here did not allow for outside pictures, that was a bummer because the falling leaves and this dress would have been awesome.

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