A Snuggly Giselle


Despite having initially signed up to The Monthly Stitch for Frocktober 2013, this is my first post.  But here I am at last.

This is my first time making a Kate N Rose pattern, but it won’t by my last (I’ve just bought the Pattern Parcel #6, with the lovely Zsalya Top & Dress in it).  As it is very autumnal here in my part of the northern hemishpere, I wanted to make a warm wintry Giselle.  The fabric was positively bargain basement, I don’t know just how long I have had the paisley contrast fabric, so long that I don’t even remember buying it (sometime in the 1980’s I think).  And the turquoise main fabric was bought at the local AgeUK Charity Shop for all of £1.


I cut a size L and the only pattern alteration I made was to add 2 cm to the bodice back and a corresponding 2 cm to the bottom of the upper front bodice.  As the contrast paisley fabric, was much lighter in weight than the main (possibly brushed cotton) fabric I cut a double layer.  It’s nice to finally get to use it this fabric.

I didn’t just want to use the contrast fabric for the midriff and sleeve cuffs, so I decided to attached the bias binding at the collar on the outside rather than inside.  I did a faux felled seam at the shoulders so that no errant frayed seams could possible poke out at the shoulders.

My fabric choice is probably not optimal for the pattern, this fabric does cause a little too much bulk when gathered.   Having said that I do already have plans to make another winter version in a pale purple babycord and brushed cotton combo.  This is a great pattern for featuring a precious fabric as a contrast.

I love the way the waist is cinched in with the back ties, it actually gives me a waist.  However, I don’t always enjoy having a bow or knot in my lower back and wonder what I could do to alleviate this.  I wanted to wear this dress out on Thursday night, so I haven’t put the back waist elastic in yet, and it does need it, which is why there are no photos of the bow back.  The elastic will be installed forthwith.

If you’re interested in seeing any of the other things I have sewn, pop over to by blog.

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