Frocktober 2014-Watermelon pink cocoon dress

DSCN1344 I already told you how I have been sewing a lot over the past two weeks, and it is time to show you the finished garments. I must admit that Frocktober was a great inspiration for me as this is the second dress I made this month, (first was my cotton jersey dress for which you can get a free pattern) and there is one more dress to follow. All of the dresses I made were knits as I really enjoy wearing them. DSCN1358 This is a cocoon dress for 2 reasons. First, because of its shape (stay tuned there will be a tutorial over the next days) and second because it really is a dress to cocoon in (pretty obvious). You know these T-shirts that have written on them “I’d rather be wearing my pajamas” ? Well this dress implies it, in a very polite way. It is for all of us that it wouldn’t be appropriate to show up at work wearing our tracksuits. It is the next best thing, that comfortable! Maybe it is because it is made of sweatshirt fleece fabric. lacoste-elbow-sleeve-turtleneck-quilted-sweatshirt-dress-marcassin m_52d179ceba5340501d04b836 I was inspired by the grey sweatshirt dress above from Lacoste, but I wanted long sleeves and a more vivid color to balance the boxy silhouette and fit my style. I also wanted to add these cute round pockets (there will be a tutorial for them too).


The pockets

I used an old self drafted pattern for loose T-shirts and then I made a lot of alterations. Seriously, I really doubt I have ever used a single pattern the way it is, I always have to get my hands dirty!


The sleeves are also cocoon-shaped

I thing that this piece is a must-have for every wardrobe of every girl, no matter the body shape, the age or the profession! On a cold day, slip into it, style it with flats, heels or boots and instantly have a worm, comfy super-stylish outfit. I wore it with my cloudy sky coat (once again) and the color combination was made in heaven! Tutorials for the pattern and pockets to follow. DSCN1354 You can see my blog here, or follow me bloglovin Instagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook

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  1. I love this. It looks like it would be comfy like pajamas but also has an elegance to it. Well done!


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