Frocktober – Sew with Us – Deer & Doe Reglisse: Day 1

Welcome to the Deer & Doe Reglisse Sew with Us 🙂

Grab your supplies and let’s get started!

I will be cutting a size 42 from this (probably slightly too cute) Socks the Fox in Aqua from Patty Sloniger’s Les Amis range. I have also chosen a grey cotton as contrast for the collar and sleeves.

I checked the skirt length against my Sewaholic Hollyburn because I liked that length and have added 5cm to the Reglisse skirt piece.

We use the same skirt piece for front and back so this should give me enough extra length to get over my bum plus hem and be the correct length.

If, like me, you have chosen a quilting cotton, you’ll have noticed that it is not wide enough to accommodate the skirt (even if I had not lengthened it). Don’t let this put you off however, we have 3 options to choose from:

  1. Add a center front seam and cut on the flat. This will need a lot more fabric since I can’t nest the skirt pieces upside down or I’ll end up upside down foxes.
  2. Reduce the flare of the skirt by swinging the side seam in, pivoting at the top. I did this previously for my Papercut La Sylphide but for this skirt I think that would take off too much flare so I’ll be taking option 3.
  3. Cut the skirt as pinned and piece on the corners using scraps, matching up the foxes, and cross my fingers that no one notices. This will be easy to do from the scraps as the pattern repeat is so small

I lined up my foxes, matching their cute little bodies and cut the extra triangles from my scraps.

I pressed a crease to help my line them up and stitched them together…

Ta dah! 🙂 It looks pretty obvious in this photo but after I press it and stitch up the skirt I am sure the seam will be lost in the fullness.

Don’t forget that the bodice is cut on the bias. Follow the layout for the rest of the pieces.

I am cutting my collar and sleeves from a contrasting grey cotton.

I have also decided to make my bias from the grey as well. I almost always make my own bias, it’s super easy and it means you can have whatever colour you like.

Cut strips on the bias, mine are 38mm wide based on the size of my bias maker.

I put two post it notes on my ruler to make it quick for me to line it all up. I’m cutting an a sheet of floor vinyl, it’s grippy and much cheaper than a huge cutting mat from the shops 😉

I use Clover bias tape makers. I’ve tried a few different brands and these ones are the best imho. I like them so much that I may own 4 in various sizes. I use this red one the most, it makes 18mm bias.

That’s it for today. We have a neat little pile of pieces and tomorrow we’ll sew up the bodice.

See you soon! xx



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