Frocktober – Sew with Us – Deer & Doe Reglisse: Day 2

Welcome back to day two of the Sew with Us Deer & Doe Reglisse series 🙂

Yesterday we got everything cut out and today we’ll assemble the bodice. I am following the instructions as printed so sew along with me and enjoy some pretty photos 🙂

Center back seams neatened and stitched:

Now we’ll mark and stitch the darts on the front bodice pieces. Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy I’ll just mark the start and end of the dart with pins. Today I’ll be a good seamstress and use my dressmakers carbon paper and tracing wheel.

I’ve lined my paper piece back up and put in a couple of pins to keep it in place. I slide the carbon paper under and use my ruler and tracing wheel to make the darts.

Your carbon paper pack might contain several colours. I usually try to pick a colour that I can just see on my fabric but isn’t too obvious in case it doesn’t wash out.

No we can pin, stitch and press the darts down.

I finished the center front seam allowances before stitching together.

Press them the center front seam open.

I cut my shoulder yokes from the contrast grey and attached them to the bodice back first…

Press the seam up onto the yokes.

Gather the front bodice shoulder until it matches the length of the yoke and stitch together.

Press the front seams on to the yokes and top stitch.

I’m really glad I chose this grey, it matches in with the foxes nicely and adds some relief to the pattern  🙂

I love some nice neat top stitching!

I’ve had this pattern in my stash a while and noticed it’s missing the step to stitch the side seams. I’ve seen a newer version of this pattern and that’s been corrected so if you have an older pattern like mine you’ll need to take care of that before we attach the waistband tomorrow.

Finish the raw edges of your sides seams and then stitch them together.

Tomorrow we’ll assemble the waistband and skirt and then we’ll attach the sleeves 🙂

See you soon! xx



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