Frocktober – Sew with Us – Deer & Doe Reglisse: Day 3

Today we’ll get our waistband ready for elastication (totally a word), attach it to the skirt and then add the sleeves to our bodice.

I finished the short ends on my overlocker and then stitched them together.

One waistband piece has a small opening left on one side so that we can insert the elastic later on. This piece will be on the inside of the dress and because I am using a patterned fabric I made sure I chose the piece with the best pattern placement to be the outside waistband.

Stitched together.

Pinned to the bodice ready for stitching. Double check that you have the piece with the opening attached so that it ends up on the inside of the dress. Line up the side seams and stitch. You can finish the raw edges now or wait until we attach the skirt and do both at the same time.

I finished my skirt sides on the overlocker, then stitched them together and pressed open.

Attaching the wasitband to the skirt. Line up the side seams again, stitch and finish the raw edges.

I think hemming is a bit premature at this point in the instructions. I will be hemming my skirt right at the end, when I can try it on, that way I can level the skirt to my preferred length. I’m not going to use bias for this either, I’ll just turn it up twice to enclose the raw edged and top stitch.

It’s sleeve time! Fold in half, short sides together, and stitch. Fold in half again lengthwise and baste the open edge.

And now we attach them, lining up the bottom seam (oh and the notches, if you marked them, oops)… 😉

So pretty!

After stitching on my sleeves I overlocked the raw edges but next time I think it would look (and feel) nicer to encase them in bias tape.

I just did a sneaky try on because I was a little bit worried that I might not be able to slip this over my head. It looked touch and go there for a bit but phew! It was ok 😉

That’s it, tomorrow we tackle that collar so rest up, it’s a biggie! 🙂

See you soon! xx



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