Another Frocktober Reglisse

Another Reglisse. Yes, this is my third in a month – I may be in danger of turning into some kind of crazy Reglisse cat lady. But what can I say, I love this pattern!

After finishing my first two, I decided I wanted to make one more, this time in a patterned fabric. Since I am hopeless at choosing patterns (is the print too big? Too small? Too loud? Too subtle? Not quite me?) I gave my husband the task of choosing out a fabric for me from the selection of cotton/linen blends that were 30% off at Spotlight last week. It also gave me a few more minutes browsing time without him following me around reminding me how boring he finds my Spotlight trips. With the fabric chosen (and a vote from members of The Monthly Stitch’s Facebook page!) I selected a white cotton sateen from my stash as contrast sleeves and collar, and used a matching pink poplin for the shoulder yokes.



I followed the instructions mostly, but I did change the construction a bit, as I did with my black and white Reglisse. I enclosed the seams of the sleeves and waistband inside, for a nice neat finish. I also cut extra pieces of the yokes and stitched them on to the bodice back on the inside at the same time as the outside yoke was stitched on, then after the front bodice had been attached I folded the inside yoke over and hand stitched it down.



Pretty insides! Before the elastic went in.

I used the pink poplin for the inside waistband to reduce bulk. And instead of using wide elastic I put a line of stitching down the middle of the waistband and used two thin pieces of elastic, as my one gripe with my other two dresses is the puffiness of the waistband, and that I am constantly fiddling with the elastic to make sure it hasn’t twisted.


I used white store-bought bias tape for the neckline, but made my own bias tape out of the fabric scraps for the hem. Last time I tried to make bias tape it was a bit of a failure and I gave up, but it seemed to work pretty well this time (I think the trick was to have a super hot iron). I am actually really chuffed that it worked and you don’t get a flash of solid colour at the hem. I did contemplate using white binding on the hem as a contrast, but I’d already made the bias tape and I wanted to use it!


I am really happy with this dress, and it’s very different to my two other versions. The cotton/linen blend of the fabric gives it a lot of body in the skirt, and I like the stiffness of the cotton sateen in the sleeves. To be honest it’s probably not a fabric I would have picked for myself, but I like the end result, and that it’s not another block colour outfit. Another summer dress for my wardrobe!


And to finish with, a gratuitous shot of my little monster ‘hiding’ behind the curtain as I attempted to take photos…


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