Colette’s Dahlia for Frocktober

Phew! Just over 2 hours to spare, before the clock strikes midnight here in England and my new Dahlia may vanish if not blogged!  After all, it is Halloween!

I’m so glad to take part in TMS’s challenge this month.  I’ve been a rubbish blogger lately, lots of reading but no posting.  This has probably got a lot to do with the RTW Fast for 2014 that I’ve joined.  10 months in and I’ve still not bought ANY clothes!

But, enough about that.  Back to Frocktober!

I think us “sewists” (my spell check is trying to change this to Sexists!!) like to make Frocks as they’re easier in some respects to fit than other clothes such as pants, they seems to get more admiring comments from non-sewists, and it’s a WHOLE new outfit with just one garment!

So here’s my new Frock, and I’m super early to the party.  Usually even the cleaner upper has beaten me to it! So let me introduce you to my Dahlia………she is one special dress, I’d even go as far as saying she is my favourite frock so far!

If any of you are thinking of buying this pattern, or have bought it and need some inspiration, there is some more pix over at my blog, as I’ve written 3 posts on this little number!

My blog!

The trickiest part was hemming the kick pleat.  I’d never hemmed anything round corners before, but I managed it after much googling!

I even used bias tape to hem it!

I’m looking forward to the next challenge, and hopefully I won’t leave it until the witching hour to be blogged about!!

3 thoughts on “Colette’s Dahlia for Frocktober

  1. It’s great to see a lovely Dahlia dress. It fits and looks wonderful on you. I was wondering about the neckline. Is it slightly gathered in the middle front under the bias binding?


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