Crystal Blue Persuasion Dress for Frocktober

It’s Frocktober, yeah…well, barely, but it’s Frocktober, how could I possibly not take part in Monthly Stitch challenge that is mainly focused on dresses??!!?!  Because my mantra is: When in doubt, make a dress!

And naturally I made a dress for this month, yeah, I didn’t just make one dress, I made many dresses, but alas, taking pics is not my forte, so I have only one dress to show for now, and if you are interested to find out more on the dresses, you can have a look on my blog 😉

So, let us get on with the dress I can show you now…my bright blue dress for Winter, not Autumn, but Winter, you know, kinda feel a little like Elsa here, not the dress shape per se, but the colour, definitely comes close.

The dress is made up from two different vogue patterns. The bodice part ist version C from V8667, the skirt version E and the sleeves version B from V8787, I lenghtend both the sleeves about 5cm and the skirt about 10cm, as my first version of this dress was a little on the short side..

The skirt is made up out of six parts and makes you want to spin and swing and then spin again. I bought the fabric for this gorgeousness sometime in April or May and just knew it would make a fantastic Winter dress, as it is a thicker cotton blend with some stretchiness to it. You can’t really see it in these pics, but the fabric is covered in oval dots which are not printed but woven into the fabric. Love at first sight.
I didn’t line the dress, as I usually would, as it is so thick, but used satin band at the sleeves, hem and neckline, it doesn’t ride up while walking, very conscientious of the dress I must say.

If you have fun twirling and swinging, then please make your own version of this dress and then we can all sway away together

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