Frocktober – Sew with Us – Deer & Doe Reglisse: Day 5

Hi everyone! I’m running a day late, I’m so sorry but we are on the home stretch now, time to give our Reglisse some shape!

I measured my elastic around my waist, pinning it at a comfortable circumference. Leave a bit of overlap and trim the ends.

I own a lot of threading and turning tools but by far the most useful is the good old fashioned safety pin. These big kilt ones are especially handy.

Thread your elastic through the gap we left in the waistband, all the way around and back out the other side. Be careful not to twist it.

Pull enough out so you can pin the ends back together.

Stitch them together. I did a box then reinforced with a cross. You do not want this coming undone! Pull it back inside and even out the gathers on the waist band.

Now for my favourite part…hand stitching…lucky it’s only a tiny bit 😉

I think I’m getting better a this!

Now you can level your hem and stitch it. You can use bias as mentioned in the instructions but I just turned my raw edge up 1.5cm twice and top stitched.

Ok, time for final photos?

It’s so twirly and girly, I almost die from the cuteness when I wear this dress.

How about a shot of my skirt piecing…you can hardly see it! 

That’s it! 😀 Well done if you sewed along with me – I can’t wait to see all your beautiful Reglisse dresses and find out who will win.

Happy sewing xx



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