Frocktober does The Birds

Oh, the plans I make. Such visions for a succession of Frocktober dresses I had. In the end though, this is my second completed Frocktober make, unfortunately the first was not a success, but I am pleased to say, that my Reglisse most definitely was!

I made my Reglisse up in some kind of polyester from Spotlight. It had great drape and pressed quite well.

If I were being polite, I’d leave it there, but as I am among friends, I will add that it also feels a bit like plastic, was shifty to cut and sew, often veered towards puckering and is prone to static. Plus it just refused to let my usual fabric markers work. I almost pulled out Most of this can be mitigated though and none of it was a surprise when sewing it up. Next time (there will definitely be a next time), I’ll sew it up in one of the recommended fabrics, maybe a voile. On the bright side, however, birds! Look, lovely lovely birds.

The instructions are clear and I sewed this dress up in an evening (well, there was a bit of quick sewing in the morning before work), it took less than four hours, all up, which includes tracing the pattern and a number of small-child related interruptions. I made a few changes, I didn’t topstitch the collar, because my thread wasn’t a perfect match and I wasn’t so foolhardy as to attempt contrast stitching on such a shifty fabric. I also just did a narrow hem, rather that hemming with bias. In a future version, I would probably lengthen the skirt, to maintain the same length with a nice deep hem. I also (ahem), in spite of double checking managed to end up with the slit to insert the elastic on the outside of the dress, so I zigzagged the opening shut. I wasn’t overly concerned as I plan to wear the dress belted.

I didn’t make any alterations in terms of fit, which was quite exciting. I’m not sure if I’ll lower the waist in a future version. It feels a bit high, but doesn’t look it, so if I do, it may just be by a couple of centimetres, just for comfort.

A little slip up

The only challenge I had with this pattern was of my own making (the fabric), otherwise, it was a nice straightforward sew and I love that I ended up with so much lovely skirt without have any gathering around the middle. If you haven’t sewed one already, consider giving Reglisse a go, it’s a brilliant little pattern. 🙂

I can’t see a bird silhouette without thinking of this Source

If you would like to read a handful of extra details, or to check out some more pictures of me standing on my rather sad back lawn, feel free to check out my blog.

7 thoughts on “Frocktober does The Birds

  1. Great fabric. Well done wrangling that fabric.
    The only thing I would suggest is perhaps a slimmer belt. I think the one in your pictures is perhaps just a little too wide. But that’s just my opinion, perhaps others would disagree.
    Great dress, very twirly 🙂


    • Thanks! I think you are probably right on the belt, I might have to go shopping 🙂 My only belt the perfect width is adorned with the logo of the bank I used to work for, so it’s probably time to update!


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