My last dress for Frocktober

DSCN1375smallWhen I did’t make it to blog about this dress until the end of October, I was really upset but thanks to bare thread’s  latest post, I found the courage go ahead being late myself, too!

It is striped and gray-blue once again.

DSCN1380l At this point let me tell you a secret. Two years ago one I discovered a fabric warehouse 15 km away from my hometown. It is the warehouse of a factory of knits but also stocks other types of fabric. It is a three floor enormous place where you can only buy wholesale, but they know me know, plus three big sacs’ purchase a time can be considered wholesale. This means that I have access to pretty much any type or color of knit you can imagine, I know, sewing heaven!
This is the place where I got all the knits you recently saw on the blog (1,2,3 and more to come) with those used for this project to be no exception. I used two types of fabric. The first I is gray blue and white striped sweatshirt fabric and the other one is white blue cotton rib. This combination makes it very warm but on the same time comfortable and easy to wear.

PicMonkey Collage

I self-drafted the pattern which has raglan sleeves and a denim-like skirt. The upper part has front, back and side panels and I also added a triangle on the neckline and cuff bands  as I usually do when I want to add a sporty look on my garment. What in my opinion makes the difference is the decorative organza bow which gives the dress a  level up.PicMonkey Collage2

I really like how the skirt turned out as well maybe because it is like a denim skirt and the blue stripes of my fabric look like denim as well. I always make my pants and skirts with a yoke because they really flatter my body.


I would describe this dress as girly, sporty,playful and unbearably cute not to mention how comfortable it also is. Pretty much how I generally make and wear my dresses.


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