bundling up

I love peacoats. I’ve had a thing for them ever since high school–I fell in love with the coat that the main character wore on Felicity and I’ve never managed to get over that crush. But it’s hard for me to find a good one in stores, because a) I’m allergic to wool, and b) my arms are on the long side. So I’ve had to learn to make my own to get a look I like and still keep my wrists covered!

peacoat lining This is actually the second time I’ve used this pattern, which is the now out-of-print Vogue 7979. I think I may have to get a new pattern the next time, since I apparently lost the first page of directions and one of the pattern pieces! Fortunately, it was for the collar stand, so I was able to look at the directions and draft a piece that was close enough. The outside is made from thick polyester tweedy stuff that unravels if you look at it funny, and then I underlined most of the pieces with silk organza to help keep out the wind. The lining is a rayon Bemberg, which is also underlined with Thinsulate. All in all, it makes for a pretty heavy garment, but I’m hoping that this will keep my sensitive skin warm despite my fiber issues!

Between the underlinings, learning how to make bound buttonholes for the outside, and other life circumstances that kept me out of the sewing room more than I would have liked, this coat took me well over a month to make! Since I missed Frocktober as a result, I’m glad that my sewing plans aligned with the sewalongs here again.

bound buttonhole

I’m going to leave you with a close-up of the buttonhole, because I’m pretty proud of how they turned out! Plus a close-up of the fabric. It’s SO hard to find nice coatings in fibers I can touch, so I’m very thankful that my search paid off in the end.

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  1. What a great looking coat! I appreciate the fact that you put in bound buttonholes, and also used a fabric that you can wear. Taking your time on a garment like a coat, with so many details is essential. It’s not worth it to hurry, and perhaps mess something up.

    You look lovely in it! Congratulations! 🙂


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