Caping and Crusading… or Gladiating

I made this cape as an Olivia Pope-inspired garment.

With coffee in hand and my badge around my neck, I can see Olivia walking into the White House about to go fuss at Cyrus about another person he’s threatening to kill lol.
This is McCalls 6209 View A. I thought View A looked the most Olivia-Pope-ish lol

ANYWAY. So this fabric I bought from The Smuggler’s Daughter with a gift card I won from a giveaway! Actually, this fabric cost more than what I won… but it was in the same cart. lol It is described as Espresso Coffee Wool. It was an end cut piece. I THINK it was 3.5 yards. I can’t remember and it doesn’t tell me on my confirmation email so, yea. It’s VERY soft and the wrong side is black. AND the selvage has some type of black trim that wasn’t on the pic on the website so it was a pleasant surprise when I got it in the mail!

While I was sewing this wool together, I noticed that the fabric had started to unravel straight up my arm a little next to the shoulder seam.  It basically ruined my night and I went to sleep. When I came back to it. I realized there was nothing really I could do besides putting some interfacing on the inside of it. But I knew that wasn’t a guaranteed fix and that it would look ugly so I decided against it. I, instead, decided to go with the flow. I pulled on the string that started unraveling that line of wool all the way up to the neckline. It was actually kind of interesting looking and gave the cape a nice design element. It was looking kind of boring anyway… go figure smh.

The pattern was super easy. It said “One-hour pattern” on the envelope BUT with the complications I was having, yea no lol.  

This cape will be PERFECT for nights where I don’t want to carry a coat but it’d be too cold to walk from the car to an event without one lol It is VERY warm. I’m hoping it will be around for a long time 🙂

For more pics and a little more rambling, check out my blog post here.

8 thoughts on “Caping and Crusading… or Gladiating

  1. Great fabric find! Perfect for this pattern. I like the way you fixed your thread run problem too; it kind of mimics the selvage design


  2. That’s a great fabric that you chose. I was wondering how you lined it so perfectly, until I read that it was black on the inside, and also had a trimmed selvage! It looks so expensive and couture! Your pattern is perfect for it too.


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