Boho Chic or my homage to Chewbacca?

I wanted to take part in November’s outwear challenge but I already have a pretty full wardrobe of nice coats. So what to do? Something entirely unnecessary but luxurious of course!

I totally love the boho chic London streetstyle look and have fancied a fake fur gilet or coat for ages. So when I saw this Burdastyle fake fur shrug it looked ideal and at 99 cents for the pattern it was perfect for my whim.

I got the fabric at this awful looking website Craft Fabric but the fabric is lovely and the service was quick and reasonably priced.

Its an easy pattern and took me less than 2 hours start to finish. It should have taken me a lot less time but I faffed about with the 2nd armhole. Basically I had to unpick it about 5 times because my brain couldn’t cope with the 3D thinking. It doesn’t help that the pattern doesn’t include any images in it and relies upon people to have brains that think in 3D and not 2D.

I know this probably isn’t to everyones taste. So far the reaction from friends is positive. Although i have been warned not to wear any leopard print or blue eyeshadow with it for fear of looking mutton like.

Hope you like it!

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6 thoughts on “Boho Chic or my homage to Chewbacca?

  1. OK so I was rolling on the Chewbacca dig, that was funny but I’m gonna give you the boho on this one. I can envision several looks right now none on me of course but several none the less! I like it!


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