Bright Red Coat to Lighten up the Gloom of Winter

I actually made a coat and am so proud and very delighted with my outerwear, although it’s not without a few flaws. I started this coat about two months ago, deciding on the fabric and the pattern, gathering all the other supplies took some time too and then the sewing itself didn’t actually take that long, but I did a lot of hand stitiching, and that was a long and arduous undertaking, especially the hem took me hours of sitting in front of the telly and just sewing, sewing, sewing.

But in the end I think it was worth it, as I love the shape of this coat, the bright red colour is stunning and really brightens up even the gloomiest of days, and if you do have a low, you can just twirl about, and happy time!! Find even more details on my coat on my blog.

The pattern is Vogue 8346 version B with a ginormous collar, I used a wool, cashmir and polyamide blend, the lining is black and white polkadotted taffeta. I made bound button holes, which I’m not ecstatic about, so I’m not going to show you details of that, but I used lovely flower buttons, which I absolutely adore. I also sewed on press duds, which in hindsight, I don’t really need. I ironed on some interfacing, to make the fabric slightly stiffer and padded the top part of the coat with thinsulate, so it keeps me nice and warm.

As I mentioned, the coat does have a few flaws:
I did some really shabby handiwork, the hem of the lining is not totally even, the bound button holes are also quite shabby, one looks quite good, the rest, meh, the coat could be a little longer and the pockets are too far to the side, but that is the designs fault, I’d prefer them more to the front. Also, I could probably have taken the coat in a little more, it is a little too big, but on the other hand, there’s lots of room left to put on several more layers underneath.

And here a few more details: polkadotted pockets, wide collar which could do with more pressing and the lovely flower buttons.

I really do love this coat, in spite of it’s many many flaws and I will wear the hell out of it. It will definitely keep me warm while going for a walk, shopping and going to the theatre and I might even make another version some time later. But I will need to make another coat soon which will keep me warm while riding my bike, as this coat sadly lets the wind through. I’ve already got some nice fabric lying here, that will do for the main fabric, more thinsulate and Klimamembran (windstopper fabric) which will hopefully help me keep warm, when it’s windy.

14 thoughts on “Bright Red Coat to Lighten up the Gloom of Winter

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  2. If you had not said anything about ‘flaws’ i never would have known! It looks beautiful. I want to make a coat im curious about the fit as all patterns seem so big. Love the pattern


    • You do have to watch the fit, I had to take it in quite a bit, and I can still fit at least five layers underneath, tried that out to day ^-^, so you’ve got quite a bit of room, but as it’s a winter coat, I prefer it to be roomy a bit, so I can wear layers underneath, it get’s cold where I live and I freeze easily. Best thing to do of course, is make a muslin first, which I am ashamed to say, I never do, but I do really appreciate all the benefits of making one beforehand, You have to be careful though, as the pattern has princess seams, they should be relatively snug around the bust area, because it looks awkward, if it’s too big. But don’t be afraid, just try it out, you live and you learn, just don’t start out with too expensive fabric, and experiment 😉


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