Cat Lady Cardi

Hello there, Monthly Stitch people!

Well, I must admit – I actually had this all finished by the end of October, with plans to post right at the start of November.

But then this bundle of cuteness arrived, and all plans for doing, well, anything at all, went right out the window!

But hey, it’s still ‘outerwear’ month, so here it is – my take on ‘outerwear’ for this November – the Cat Lady Cardi.

Sure, it’s probably pushing it a bit as far as ‘outerwear’ goes, but since we’re heading into summer down here in the Southern Hemisphere, I consider cardigans to be the summer equilivent of a jacket – something you throw on to add a bit of extra warmth when you need it.

I used the Jenna cardi pattern from Muse patterns – the waist-length version without the shoulder yokes. The fabric is merino – the grey used to be a different (RTW) garment that was huge and ugly and is now getting a lot more wear as a cardi than it ever did before. There wasn’t quite enough to cut the hem band out of though, so I used some black merino from my stash for the bands for contrast, and black buttons to go with them. I did do the sleeves a bit different – since I was cutting them out of another garment’s sleeves, rather than doing the sleeve bands I just used the sleeve hem from the original garment.

Just for fun (and to tie in with the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge over at Miss Crayola Creepy) I added a cat applique. Coz, cats are awesome! (The cat’s pajamas, one might say, even?!)

There’s some more details over on my blog if you’re interested. 🙂

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