My First Foray Into Outerwear

When we had the chance to vote, I did vote for Outerwear so I would get pushed into making my very first outerwear (well, except for a bad attempt which I have happily forgotten about and that jacket just hangs in my closet, twisted sleeves and all). Last summer I found a cute blazer in sweatshirt/isoli fabric which inspired me to put a sweatshirt blazer on my fall plan.


After searching the web for patterns, I settled on Simplicity 4032. Look beyond the five views in fleece on the cover and you’ll realise that the lines are actually quite interesting, at least I found them so. Also I had to look beyond the size recommendations, because this jacket has 15 cm (6”) of ease around the bust. I know that fleece jackets were big in the 90s (at least here in Sweden they were), but let’s not bring back  the ease of those days, agreed?

I cut a size 12  and if I make it again I will make the sleeve shorter and a bit more sleek. And I can see myself making it up again, the other views look interesting too. A quilted jersey vest perhaps or another sweatshirt look, I do like this pattern and I’m lacking in the hand-made outerwear-to-be-worn-inside department. Other than that I’m pretty happy about my first foray into outerwear, wearable that is. As always, more information can be found on my blog.

(Skirt is also made by me, do note how the fabrics and buttons match on my two pieces)

6 thoughts on “My First Foray Into Outerwear

  1. Jättefin jacka! Jag tycker du kan vara nöjd, speciellt kragen ser väldigt fin ut! Men lite stor är den 😉 Bysten, axlarna och ärmarna, allt pekar på att du kanske kan pröva en storlek mindre nästa gång? Modellen är fin, värd att prova igen tycker jag med.


    • Tack! Jag gjorde den lite som en “wearable muslin”. Jag tog 2 storlekar mindre än vad måtten sade, kunde inte tänka mig att mer kunde behövas. Är sugen på fler så då för jag nog krympa den lite till.


  2. Nice work, congrats on your first piece of ‘outerwear’! 🙂

    I see what you mean about the style lines – they’re great!

    (Also, 15cm of ease?!?! Erk!!)


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