It’s a blanket against everything: Schnittchen Malu Coat

I needed a very warm winter coat to keep my happy on my bike. After checking almost every coat pattern on the internets I decided on the Schnittchen Malu Coat.
I love the fact that it was more loose fitting, it had the option for a zipper and it had a hood (hurray for hoods on bikes!)

I used a combination of Missoni wool and a cashmere wool. I can’t stop petting the cashmere since it’s so soft.

I can really recommend this pattern. The only downside to me is that there aren’t extra pattern pieces included if you us a zipper. I think it’s better to maybe redraft the facing and the front pattern piece so you can insert the zipper instead of stitching it on top of the two pieces. It’s not too difficult to redraft these two pieces and it would have been awesome if it had been included in the pattern in the first place.

These coat has proven it’s warmth already since we have a colder temperature at the moment (around 5°C at the moment, no snow storms in Belgium) The only thing I’m a bit dissappointed with is the size. I think I’ll go down a size next time. I already sized down from what the size charts said, but it’still quite big.

If you’d like to read more about this coat, I invite you to hop over to my blog!

5 thoughts on “It’s a blanket against everything: Schnittchen Malu Coat

  1. I like the choice of fabric. You may need a smaller size but then again if it has room you can wear thicker jumpers underneath hehe! Looks like a lot of work and well done inserting a zipper without instructions 🙂


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