Handprinted wool coat

Hi everyone!

I just managed to finish this unlined wool coat in time for the really cold weather, so now it’s too cold outside to wear it…. bummer.

But it’s still November, so I can at least post it here 🙂

 photo Karesuando-1-framifra30A0n_zpsd7b693e7.jpg photo Karesuando-3-na3080rbild_zps10b1c1bc.jpg

The fabric is from an old stash of leftovers from a collection I did a few years ago. It’s mostly a soft and fluffy felted wool, but I’m sure there’s a bit of polyester in it too. I made the very simple pattern last year and cut it out. But just plain grey seemed so boring, I put it away and simply forgot all about it.

So when I found it again this fall I decided to do something else! I once created a print pattern and a whole collection inspired by cultures from around the polar circle, and the most inspiring of them all was the tradition of the Ainu people, from northern Japan. So I made a quick paper template, pinned it onto the pieces of the coat and stencilled in a black pattern, using fabric paint. See more Ainu inspiration and printing here!


The coat is very basic, wide and straight, with dropped shoulders and sleeves that needs to be rolled up. Pockets are top stitched in place. Um, yes, much like a bathrobe.

 photo Karesuando-4-mot-va3080ggen_zps41c0fd99.jpg


On the inside, I didn’t do anything to the fabrics edges (The coat is unlined) as it’s felted and wont fray. But the inside of the collar, in Kimono style, and front edge is finished with a wide cotton twill ribbon. The bottom hem and sleeve hems are covered with a folded strip of black wool fabric, covering the edges. All hand stitched in place.

 photo fa30A0llen_zpsbe46e139.jpg


I wanted it to look as plain as possible, (again, like a Kimono) so I added just one fabric covered button, and a loop of fabric to keep it closed. It’s not extremely thick or warm, and I will wear it when it’s relatively nice weather, so it doesn’t need to stay closed at all most of the time. I tried it with a belt, but that went too far into the bathrobe territory. So, no belt.

All in all I’m pretty happy with my coat, it looks just the way I wanted it. But the print on the backside didn’t end up perfect, I worked too fast and didn’t look carefully at a distance before printing it. I’m less happy with the lower part of it plus the wide stripe over the shoulders, but better luck next time!

 photo Karesuando-5-annan-baksida_zpsc6924117.jpg


I’m just about to start selling downloadable patterns, but I’m hesitating about doing a coat pattern like this. In a way it’s a very easy and quick make, but I have a feeling that what’s selling is either a more feminine style, or more classic sportswear. I’m unsure, so advice is welcome!

Feel free to contact me through my Facebook if you wish! My blog and shop are not up and running yet…

Thank you for taking your time!

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  3. Hello Marie, thank for obsessing over my coat 😉 !!! So happy to hear that you love it! I WILL make this into a pattern to sell, sooner or later, but probably later. I’ve just started working on my spring collection, doesn’t that sound lovely? Spring, light, sun….sigh. In the meantime good luck with your own personalizing!


  4. I have been obsessing over this jacket and would absolutely LOVE to test out the pattern in different prints as well as sizes. This is gorgeous and your hand painting makes it so personal.in fact, I have something in my closet that could do with some personalizing. Thank you for the idea.


  5. Thank you to all of you! I love that you like the handprinted part! I’ve used it now and then actually (not all days are freezing cold) and I felt very warm and comfortable in it.


  6. So great! I really like what you did with the print. I made an unlined wool jacket a little while back too – so comfy, but unfortunately not warm enough to wear outside. I do find it great for school drop offs though – but it is so comfy (much like yours looks) that I could mooch about in the house all day in it.


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