Let’s go outside (dressed goes out)

When I was younger and living with my parents my mother often said this frase: aangekleed gaat uit (dressed goes out). What she meant: are all your clothes in good order to go out. With this in my mind I initial planned making a coat for this month challange, but I couldn’t find the right pattern for some fabric lying in my closet.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a fabric market in Haarlem and found this lovely knitted fabric. I decided to made the drape cardigan from the book She Has A Mannish Style by Yuko Takada. The top of the back pattern has a point so the back will have a drape. Sewing the piece together it looked a bit sloppy for my taste. I didn’t liked it that much so I was looking for a way to change it. Luckily I came across a blog (http://lajoliegirafeblog.com/2014/07/printemps-ete-automne-le-gilet-3-saisons.html) where I found the solution for my problem.

The point in the top of the back pattern is made into a curve. Now the back of the cardigan follows the back. I also changed the underside of the back pattern. According to the upper part of the back I also made the underside in a curve.

When I put the sleeves in I didn’t like the way the shoulder and the sleeve came together. I decided to change the armhole and make the shoulder shorter. I also changed the sleeved into a more regulair sleeve model.

My cardigan has no buttonholes and buttons. Instead I used a shawl pin. I have several shawl pins. I bought this one in Amsterdam. It came from a souvenir shop. I love the matryoshka dolls on the pin: Just like in the real nesting doll they decrease in size.

In Europe autumn turns slightly into winter. I like scarfs. I bought some fabric in a charity shop some while ago. The charity shop pre-packed the fabrics in plastic bags and a sticker tells you the length and width of the fabric. You’re not allowed to open the plastic bag to inspect the contents. According to the sticker there should be enough fabric to make a blouse, but measuring at home sadly there wasn’t enough. Also there was a big hole and some misprint. I decided to make this triagular-shaped scarf.

It’s asymmetrical which makes it an interesting appearance once wearing the shawl. I found some beautiful old pink-coloured velvet band which I sewed along the three sides.

I also made the cobalt blue t-shirt. The pattern is self drafted. It matches perfect with the blue colour in the scarf fabric.

Overal I’m pleased with the result. I love the drape cardigan. I will certainly make it again with the changes.

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