Anna and Victoria go to tea

I know Outerwear was last month, but I did finish this in time – honest!

The jacket is the By Hand London Victoria blazer. I’ve not made a jacket and really needed a light jacket for the summer. This was intended to be a wearable muslin and I think it worked.

The pattern is really easy to put together with a lot of ease, I decided to go down a size, which would give me about 7″ of ease. Although I did find the sleeves a little tight. I managed to let out the seams to make these fit better. Next time, I think I’ll have a play around to make the sleeves bigger and also line the sleeves.

The jacket doesn’t have a facing, the lining is attached to the edge of the jacket and the collar is attached to that. My fabric choice means that it doesn’t lay very flat. I need to steam the whatsits out of it so it will lay flatter. I might even stick a couple of catch stitches in too.

As to my fabric choice… Ha ha, well the black shell is actually an old long black concert skirt of mine which I grew out of a few years ago. I think it’s a kind of viscose, it creases, but I can’t use a hot iron on it. The lining is a shot purple/blue lining fabric which I used to make a Simplicity jumper dress about a month ago. So it’s all made from leftovers! My kinda make.

As for the dress… I really don’t think this needs much more introduction. It’s another Anna dress. With the V-neck front. It’s great if you’re feeling a bit meh and can’t be bothered, as it’s quick and easy to make up and is so easy to fit. The fabric for this came from the Fabric Warehouse in Wellington at the beginning of November, it certainly didn’t get anywhere near stash!

I wore the two together for the first time on Sunday at the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network second birthday afternoon tea. (I can’t believe we are two!!)

The details…
Blazer – Viscose? from an old black concert skirt. Lining left over from another make, but from Fabric Warehouse
Dress – Cotton from Fabric Warehouse early November (it didn’t make it to stash!)
Notions:   Thread, and a zip and some interfacing for the dress.

For more information, check out my blog.