February Challenge – VOTE! – Plus bonus January Challenge!

Happy New Year Monthly Stitchers! 🙂

To bring in the new sewing year we’ve changed the blog over to our new pink logo.

It’s time for our first challenge vote of 2015 BUT FIRST! To celebrate our new pink livery we’re adding a bonus challenge for January to anyone who is keen.

It’s simple but fun: sew a garment in pink to match our new logo colour!

You can sew just one thing in pink OR how about combining this challenge with Denim Never Dies by sewing an item in pink to go with your denim item (ohh, double challenge!) or if you are feeling really inspired, perhaps you can hunt out some pink denim, hmmm?

Categorise your post “2015 Pink” under Bonus Challenges, don’t forget to also use Denim Never Dies if you are double challenging 😉

We are a little behind kicking this year off so you’ll have until January 12th to vote for February’s theme, here are your options:


Don’t forget to grab your new pink TMS blog badge here!

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