Mad Hatter

I’m joining the late entries for the Geek Out Challenge!

There’s this Syfy mini-series called Alice, which was based on the lovely Lewis Carroll tale.


In this case, the Mad Hatter is a mostly good but kind of dubious “teashop” owner that helps out Alice, and they eventually fall in love.

But Hatter’s outfit is just so much cooler than Alice’s! And I may have a crush on the actor. Just a little one.

Tiny, I promise.


But its such a simple costume, and one that in parts would look like normal clothes. Which makes it one of my favorite types of costume. So for my geeking out, I decided to make a very similar shirt.

I had this fabric stashed for this exact idea, though its been a few years. Pretty sure its polyester. Slinky too.

For the pattern, I went with Grainline’s Archer, which I have used successfully before.

Shortened the sleeves, and used the hem that was already on the fabric. I also only cut one yoke, so I used french seams for everything. First time that went successfully, so that was a plus.


A simple Archer, a nice completed shirt, but also a piece of a future costume. Isn’t a geek out moment the best?

If you’d like to read some more of my rambling on the subject, I’ve posted this on my blog here.

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