Denim Never Dies: A Denim Linen Sureau

Happy New Year, fellow Stitchers!

As luck would have it, my first project of 2015 was always going to be a new denim dress – perfect for those late winter blustery days. So here I am to prove that Denim Never Dies! In a frugal mood after the excesses of Christmas, I decided to pair one of my favourite patterns of last year, the Robe Sureau from Deer & Doe, with some left-over fabric, a gorgeous denim-linen mix.

Denim Linen Sureau

I made a small modification to the pattern by cutting a size 40 for the bodice and grading out to a size 42 at the waist. The fit is perfect across the bust and the waist, but in the photos the cut of the pattern looks a little too big. I did encounter a minor problem with the neckline – it does tend to gape a little. I found the same on my first Sureau, and have read a few blogs mentioning the same issue. I also feel that the sleeves are a little too wide for me.

Denim Linen Sureau

Lucky old me received an overlocker for Christmas, so this dress was my first opportunity to try it out. Fearful of a rogue blade attack, I overlocked all of the pieces before I assembled. It worked a treat and meant that I didn’t need to stay-stitch the neckline. Now I’ve given it a go, I am hooked! The dress looks so professional on the inside.

Denim Linen Sureau

Overall, I am pleased with the finished dress. The denim linen mix is a dream to sew with and wear. I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of it in the coming months.

If you’d like to know more, I’d love to welcome you over at Sew South London.

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