Marcy Tilton Jeans

I made my first pair of stretch denim jeans using a Marcy Tilton pattern by Vogue. I found the fabric at Beverly’s on the flat fold tables. Every Friday all fabric on the tables is half off. You can get some great deals! I bought two yards each of two colors of stretch denim for less than three dollars a yard.

IMG_9866I cut a size 16 but added 1/2 inch extra to the side seams, just so that I could adjust the fit later if needed. I actually didn’t need to do that, even though according to the size chart I wear an 18. I ended up taking the side seams in for a snugger fit. Next time I’ll cut the 16 and cut the size 14 crotch.

IMG_9869I also will omit the seam detail at the knees. I didn’t find it that flattering.

IMG_9880I had a lot of fun decorating the pockets. I used a Sulky variegated metallic thread with a special needle for metallic thread, and used my stretch stitch setting to create a thick line and decorative stitch. I also used the same thread and stitch setting on the pant hems.


IMG_9871The elastic went in fine, but next time I’ll use a shorter length so that they are nice and snug around my waist. I have a pair of RTW A.N.A. jeans that are stretch denim and I’d like to copy them. They have a faux pant zipper, faux pockets, and a waistband that buttons in the front. I think I could modify the Marcy Tilton pattern and add those features. We’ll see!


The colorful top-stitching goes well with my Peruvian flats

Happy Sewing!

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