Jordan Jacket

Helicopter Jacket

This is my entry for the outerwear month. Well, better late than never!

When the November challenge was announced I knew exactly what I was going to sew. I have a summer jacket that I have worn to death and I was desperate to make a replacement for it. I chose the Jordan Jacket from Sew Serendipidity as my pattern. It is a classic, denim jacket style. The photos from Sew Serendipity suggest all sorts of fancy, floral things for this jacket, but they aren’t really my style.

My jacket has helicopters on it! I bought the fabric from modes4u and it is an echino canvas fabric in a linen / cotton blend. I’ve never sewn linen before and it is a great, easy fabric to work with. I have always associated linen with a rather crumpled look, but these linen / cotton blends, thankfully, don’t seem to suffer so much from that.

This jacket has been quite a challenge to sew in other ways though. There were loads of steps, an excess of flat fell seams and miles of top-stitching. Not to mention all the pattern matching. Hop over to this post on my blog for more about that.

It took me a good six weeks to do this jacket. I did have a thread-induced break in the middle too, when the Gutterman black top-stitch thread supplies in the local were completely exhausted! The instructions though were great. When I first saw the booklet that came with the pattern, I looked at the hand-drawn pictures and wasn’t sure, but they guided me through the process wonderfully. I even learned a couple of useful tips along the way, like using freezer paper to site the single-welt pocket opening and when setting-in a sleeve, having the jacket, rather than the sleeve as the top layer of fabric. This means that the extra in the sleeves is against the feed dogs. This makes it easier as the lower fabric is pushed along while keep you can keep the top fabric (the jacket) tight.

I’m very pleased with the results and can’t wait to wear it. I braved the park for a couple of outside shots wearing the jacket, but believe me, it was cold! There are more photos on my blog, along with a couple more in-progress posts here and here.

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