Outerwear Challenge: Better super duper late than never

I completely forgot to post my outerwear challenge when I finally got it on my blog in early January. I started making it in November and then Christmas presents took over and my coat sat until I was on vacation for the holidays. I’m really happy with it.

Here she is! My Vogue 8346!

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I love it and it is super warm, because I lined it in polar fleece as well as using fusible interfacing for coats on all the wool pieces. We have had extreme cold weather warnings here in Toronto (feels like -27 Celsius/-16 Fahrenheit) and I’m toasty warm in my coat.

Some details:

  • Main fabric: thrifted wool herringbone ($8 with an original price tag at $58)
  • Contrast fabric in sleeves and lower collar: wool bouclè ($22)
  • Contrast fabric on elbow patches/upper collar: Faux leather from Joann fabrics ($5)
  • Lining: Polar fleece (3 yards for $20)
  • Belt: From my closet (thrifted long ago)
  • Pin: Gift from a friend
  • Hat: Andi Satterlund cable brim hat made by my mother
  • Mittens: Custom made by my mother
  • Skirt: Cake Pavlova (blogged here)
  • Top: Black turtleneck sweater purchased forever ago from Ricki’s (Similar)
  • Leggings: Walmart (Similar)
  • Boots: Mark’s Work Warehouse

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8 thoughts on “Outerwear Challenge: Better super duper late than never

  1. That looks fabulous! I love the colour combination – you look like you should be the triumphant heroine of some action-packed medieval adventure. Or that could just be my strange imagination… Either way, you’ve made a fantastically stylish and cosy coat and it sounds like you should be getting a lot of wear out of it.


    • Thanks so much, Katie! 😀 I love that: triumphant heroine of some action-packed medieval adventure! Especially because I love medieval adventures. 😀

      I’ve been wearing the coat every day since I finished it. Best coat I’ve ever owned. 🙂


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