It looks like denim, anyway.

Participating in the monthly challenges is a little more complicated for me at the moment, given that all I really feel comfortable sewing for myself and my changing body are knits! I looove me some denim, and normally I’d jump on this sort of a challenge as a chance to make more jeans. But since I’m feeling disinclined to “waste” my precious stretch denims on maternity jeans that I can only wear for a couple more months, as opposed to waiting until I can make normal jeans again, I decided to go for a denim look-alike instead.

This knit really does look just like denim, even down to the lighter colored “weave” on the back! Since I need something else I can wear under my skirts for warmth anyway, I decided to go for leggings. So I attempted to make the Manila leggings from the latest edition of Seamwork. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that only the cropped version was included in the pattern, despite there being a picture of a full-length one. Nor did I realize that my knit didn’t stretch enough from side to side to make something like this–seriously, why would they make the stretch go vertically instead of horizontally, when you usually need it more the other way? So this ended up being a serious hack job, with lots of little strips inserted to get it to the point where I could even pull them on in the first place, and then to get them to a length that isn’t totally useless for winter. Oh well. I guess I can say they’re “design details”, right?

IMG_2309 At least my maternity panel alteration worked well.

As it turns out, I ended up sewing with some real denim anyway. We got our ultrasound on Monday, and I decided to make a baby outfit to post on Facebook as the gender reveal to our friends and more extended families. I had some leftovers from some denim Thurlow trousers that weren’t the full width of the fabric but too much to throw out, so I made this yesterday.

gender reveal outfit I do have to admit that after all the knits I’ve been making lately, a woven was a nice change of pace!

14 thoughts on “It looks like denim, anyway.

    • Yeah, they were comfortable to wear, at least, and I didn’t have any trouble with them staying up throughout the rest of the day. Also, yes, we are having a boy.


    • Thank you! We are having a boy this time, but if he has a little sister somewhere down the road, I wouldn’t be opposed to her wearing a dinosaur outfit. 🙂


  1. Oh my gosh, that baby play suit is so cute!! Love the little dinosaur on it. 🙂

    Great leggings, too. Such a challenge with maternity clothes, isn’t it? I found it hard to justify making them since they get worn for such a short space of time… 😦 Nice compromise with the leggings!


    • I did try to minimize maternity sewing as much as I could by buying some basics, like jeans and tank tops, but I was really having trouble finding things that I was satisfied with the fit in places that aren’t supposed to get bigger (you know all about the long arms issue, I’m sure!) and especially the colors. The thrift shops around me had really lousy selections, too. So I made a couple of things, and my goal from here is to make things that will double well as nursing clothes for this coming summer and fall. I’m hoping I’ll have a better idea of sizing for wovens and can throw in some button downs for the latter, but I know I don’t have much that would work for the summer, since almost everything I have are pullover tops and dresses.


  2. Those little trousers are so cute!

    I actually like your design details in the leggings more than the original pattern. They look super comfy and the maternity panel worked out great. 🙂


    • Thank you! I do kind of wish I’d been able to pull them on enough to work out the length before I did the side stripe, though. I think it would have worked better if it hadn’t been so choppy around the knees, especially since the seams absolutely refused to line up on one side.


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