Bomber Jacket sewn by Skirt Fixation

Floral and (P)leather Denim Jacket

Hi there!  We’re delighted to be new contributors to The Monthly Stitch.  My daughters and I blog together over at Skirt Fixation.  This first challenge of Denim Never Dies was just perfect for us because there was a denim project we were just waiting to make!


I made the Shwin Designs McCartney Jacket using a floral stretch denim from  The pleather sleeves, collar and welt pocket detail, and the sweatshirt lining are from Girl Charlee.  The ribbed cuffs and waistband are a kit I purchased from Fashion Fabrics Club after many hours hunting for just the right rib knit fabric!


This is a really great pattern to sew.  The directions are pretty easy to follow, and I think even a beginner could make a jacket this nice if they just took it slow and easy.  I made a few adjustment to the pattern to accomodate for my 6 feet of height; I added length to the sleeves and body.  I also had to make the cuffs quite a bit smaller, but that may have been due to my rib knit, not the pattern.


Let me just say this is the finest thing I have ever made for myself.  I love how professional the finished look is and how comfortable it is too.


If/when I need to make myself another bomber jacket, I know which pattern I’ll be turning to.  And the only further change I’ll be making is to add a few inches to the width across the shoulders…cause us tall girls have wide shoulders.

Thanks for reading about our Denim Never Dies experience!  If you’re interested in the rest of the outfit my daughter is wearing and why SHE is modeling MY new jacket, you can read our original post here.  And we’re always sewing up something, and often a skirt, so please visit us often at Skirt Fixation!  We’ll see you there!

3 thoughts on “Floral and (P)leather Denim Jacket

  1. How awesome to be blogging and sewing with your daughter. Welcome and thank you for a fabulous first post! Printed denim, what a great twist on the challenge, I try not to spend too long on but I think I need to sneak over there now… 😉 I am excited so see what else you sew along with us xx


  2. Your bomber jacket is adorable! Makes me want to make one, and I’m certainly going to look at the pattern you used. Your daughter is a perfect model and I hope an aspiring seamstress. Glad you two can do such a rewarding activity together. Off to visit your blog now. 🙂


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