I let my jeans talk

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There’s a song by Dr. Hook: Baby makes her blue jeans talk. If you say the word jeans you don’t need to explain a lot.

I bought this black denim a couple of months ago on a fabric market. It’s a little bit stretchy, just as I like it.

It’s years ago that I sewed jeans. The truth is I never made my own jeans. The last jeans I made was a salopette in the style of OSHKOSH for the kids.

The pattern I used for my jeans is also used for the cappuccino trousers and the black trousers last year. I made some changes to give it a more jeanslook. I used the ginger sew-along for ideas for the inside and also followed the advice front leg, back leg, front leg turned 180 degrees, back leg turned 180 degrees. I have never done this technique before, but the result is that my legs don’t twist.

Sewing the jeans was pretty easy, but the topstitching was a nightmare. I couldn’t get it right so I decided to use a double stitch with regular yarn. For the inside of my pockets and the finishing of my the waistband I used the fabric that was left from my triangular shaped shawl. I don’t have a serger so I used the “overlocking stitch” for finishing the seams.

My hem has a high/low seam so it drops nicely on my feet and boots.

The second deal this month was sewing something pink. This fabric was in my closet for almost three years. It’s swiss cotton coupon witch I bought while I had to wait for my train. I had to puzzle how to get the blouse cut out of the amount of fabric. The sleeve is cut in to parts and one of the pieces is cut in 45degrees angle. I used some white cotton with embroidered flowers as a contrast. I also used white and pink buttons.

I also made a new scarf. It’s a tunnel scarf. The colors in the scarf are nicely fitting with the black jeans and the blouse. On one side of the scarf I stitched some beads.

Overal I’m pleased with the result. If I could do it again I would change the color of my yarn. It’s a little bit to yellow: I prefer it al little bit more grey. I will absolutely make my own jeans again, but first of all I’m going to do some study how to do topstitching on mu sewing machine.

It was a month with a lot of sewing. I was also involved with a pattern test. Itch-to-stitch has a new pattern: the Paulina top. Here you can see my version: https://www.kollabora.com/projects/browse?projects_page%5Bverticals%5D=33378&projects_page%5Bsort%5D=recent&page=3&popover_node=%2Fprojects%2Fpaulina-top

I’ve already made my mind up for the next month challenge.


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    • Thank you. You’re right making jeans is a time consuming job, because the fit is crucial. I’ve made many pants but jeans are a different story. Keep carry on.

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