I Love Denim

2015-01-31 18.10.13

Hi, I am Yvette from Sew On and Sew On and Sew On and this is my first challenge and first post with the Monthly Stitch. And, boy, it was fun! I knew I had to make a denim dress for this challenge of Denim Never Dies. I wanted to make a denim dress for work, even though we are not suppose to wear denim. (Its the rebel in me).  It just so happen I had 7 yards of this denim fabric with cute hearts in my stash for a good 10 years, not remembering what I had planned for it. Now I had a plan and it was going to work. However, It took longer to decide what dress to make than it took to make the final dress .I eventually decided on Vogue 8992,

It is an easy lined princess seamed wrap dress with pockets and only 5 pattern pieces. I did wanted to use a pink lining but I did not find one that reached out to me as the blue plaid cotton.

It took all of one day to make. This is what I was doing on the snow day in NY, not being able to go to work. It was a real easy project. I just had to make sure I  baste the back neck edge to the collar first on both the dress and the lining before sewing it. There was a pivot point at the shoulder that had me using the seam ripper,

All in all, I love my denim dress.

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