Pink Jeans for the win!

Hello there! You know me, always a day or so late lool. But I’m here for January! I got my denim and I joined the bonus Pink challenge as well!
This is the Ginger Jeans pattern by Closet Case Files. I made View A, the low rise with the stove pipe leg. I cut a straight size 12. This was a wearable muslin for me so I just wanted to see what the pattern would look like made straight up. I made no modifications.  I did take some flat measurements of a pair of jeans I really like to see how they related and the measurements were very very close.
I got the pink denim from Michael Levine Fabrics online well over a year ago. I also bought some green denim at the same time. I had 2 yards of it and I have about a quarter of a yard left. The fabric for the pockets is what was left over from the makeup brush roll I made for my cousin’s birthday last year. I wish I had had enough to use as the waistband facing but I did not.
If you want to see more pics and what I’d fix for next time you can head over to my blog!
See you in the next challenge!

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