Seeing Red Denim… With Skulls on

I’ve been trying to ‘bust my stash’ of fabric as well as finally starting to work through the 43 Craftsy classes I have. To that end I decided to kill two birds with one stone, as well as use some denim by finally doing the Sew Better, Sew Faster Class using the Islander Sewing “Jacket Express.” For the fabric I chose a lipstick red cotton denim with a fun and interesting pattern that I purchased just for making a jean jacket.

Putting this jacket was quite the challenge, but not because the pattern or instructions weren’t clear. In fact between the booklet provided with the pattern and the additional instructions in the Craftsy class there wasn’t very many ways left to ‘mess it up’. But this isn’t a simple pattern. There are a LOT of pieces and a lot that goes into the construction process. The miles and miles of top stiching was enough to make me go cross eyed, but it adds so much to the jacket and gives it a nice professional ‘finished’ feel. I also added extra work for myself by binding all the seams so the inside would stay nice and neat.

Making the inside this pretty is hard work!
For a little pizzaz I used a fun novilty print for my pocket bags. It doesn’t show on the outside but I like knowing it’s there.

Cute pocket lining

And I used some cute square buttons on the cuffs.

My Unique Buttons

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the sizing right and the jacket doesn’t close in the front. Because of that I left the buttons off the front and I’m still happy with the results.

A little small so no front buttons

In the end I ended up with a great light thrown on jacket that’s perfect for most of our California winter days (and spring, and autumn days as well as summer nights)

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9 thoughts on “Seeing Red Denim… With Skulls on

  1. Your’s looks great! It’s nice to see someone else’s views on the course and pattern as I too did up that jacket and blogged about it. The only thing that made me crazy about it was tracing and keeping track of all those pattern pieces. But in the end, I do love my jacket, it looks so store bought! Even if I didn’t make my insides as nice as yours!


  2. Love your version of this jacket. I had this pattern traced off for ages but not gotten round to buying the fabric and I’ve nothing suitable in my staff but I really need to get myself organised and make one! Especially after seeing yours.


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