Business in the front, watermelon in the back

Now im not really one for being told what to do.  so when Miss Bossy started to tell us what to do, I begrudingly went along for the most part, but the rebel in me had to add a tiny bit if print. In my defense, its only a few little spots, & the colours are in keeping with what where assigned to my initals.

So on to the dress.
Its essentailly butterick 6094, but with a few changes to the bodice.
In the original pattern, the bodice is in 2 pieces with a seam line under the bust, from experience, I know that this type of bodice is a nightmare on me so I swapped it out for the ever faithful emery dress bodice for the front,  extended the back pieces to match and fully lined the bodice. FYI the emery front matched up almost perfectly to the butterick. I also added a bit of hot pink piping to the front neckline.
2015-02-15 17.37.07
Since I’m currently on a bit of a fabric diet and this was a bit of an experiment, I  shopped the stash for both fabrics. They are both non descript polyester that have been langusihing in my stash for a few years.
2015-02-15 17.43.48
2015-02-15 17.44.33

Im thrilled with how this one turned out, I love how its all business in the front, and then a bit of fun in the back.  and have combinations running around my head for when my fabric diet ends 😉

12 thoughts on “Business in the front, watermelon in the back

  1. Oh, so pretty! Love the pink at the back! That neckline is fantastic. 🙂 So often garments have all the detail at the front and none at the back – I love seeing things with detail at the back instead, just to mix it up a bit. (I may have to go get this pattern now, haha!)


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