Let the Indie Pattern Month countdown begin (and a vote!)

If you were following along last year, you may remember Indie Pattern Month – all of June 2014 was all about indie patterns here on The Monthly Stitch. And what a month it was! We had sponsors, interviews with designers and indie pattern related businesses, heaps and heaps of amazing creations, and also four competitions!

And this June, we’ll be doing it again – the third annual Indie Pattern Month. Yay!

We’re going to keep most of what we’re planning a surprise until nearer June (it’s more fun that way, after all!) but we can tell you that there will be contests again. We had a lot of great feedback from everyone after Indie Pattern Month 2014 and lots of you loved the contests, so they’re returning this year. Only, what will they be?!?

Well, this is where you come in! You all gave us a bunch of great suggestions for contest themes, so we’ve narrowed it down to a few, and we’d like you to vote for the ones you’d like to see make an appearance in Indie Pattern Month 2015.

You can vote for up to four contest themes. We’re keeping which ones are winning a secret for now, so we can announce them in early May. (Because again, it’s more fun for us that way, coz we get to plan the big reveal post mwahahahaha!)

Did you take part in Indie Pattern Month last year? Are you excited about taking part this year?

10 thoughts on “Let the Indie Pattern Month countdown begin (and a vote!)

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  2. I’m going to sit out of the poll–it would hardly be fair to vote, given that I’m probably not going to get any sewing in that month at all! (My due date is right in the middle!) But I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you crafty ladies come up with. It’ll give me something fun to read about while I’m up half the night feeding the baby. 🙂


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