Fabulously red

I’ve been following The Monthly Stitch for a while now but had yet to take part in any of the challenges. I decided that would change with the New Year. I was perhaps a little disappointed with Solid Colors being my first challenge, but was pleased to see Miss Bossy make an appearance.

She ordained that I would be sewing in red, which was handy as I’ve had some red bamboo jersey kicking around my fabric collection for far too long. But what to make? This was a tricky decision. I’d initially bought the fabric when I was going through a long sleeve, cowl neck top phase (Vogue 8597 to be specific) but never got around to it.

But that seemed like the easy way out, and surely it’s not worthy of a ‘Monthly Challenge’ to sew something you were going to sew anyway. So I pondered for a few days, read through various blogs I’d bookmarked under ‘patterns’ and reviewed my pattern wish list until I found it. The perfect pattern for my soon to be fabulously red dress:

Kitschy Coo’s Lady Skater Dress.

It would be, I thought, a nice way to enter the sewing collective: I imagined a breezy, happy go lucky blog, extoling the virtues of the patter, fabric, the challenge, life itself, and my sewing experiences.

That is NOT what happened.

It proved to be my monthly challenge alright, starting with printing and assembling a pattern at home, myself, for the first time. It didn’t go so well. It took two attempts.

Then this weekend I got to the sewing part. This also didn’t go so well. Rather than rewrite all the tedious frustrations I experienced, I suggest  that if you’re still with me and want more that you read the whole saga over on my blog: thimbleandthreads. There’s also a few more photos over there.

See you next month, when I’ll be turning my clothes inside out to bare it all (all my seams that is).

13 thoughts on “Fabulously red

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  2. Bamboo-jersey sounds like a dream, I really shouldn’t buy any more fabric, but this tempts me too much not to search for it.
    Your dress looks great, I can imagine it paired with so many accessories for nearly every occation, a very versatile wardrobe staple.


    • Bamboo jersey is indeed a dream. I love it – it feels so nice and drapes well! I think the dress is def going to be very versatile.


    • I hope so – give my happiness with the end result, I’d like to make it again. And you’er right the cut is soo flattering! Ps I love your profile picture!


    • Thanks very much Linda. I was actually quite surprised how well it looks after so much frustration! I even elicited a ‘wow’ from my husband. Nothing like a shocking red dress to liven up February!

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