Bending Miss Bossy’s rules

I’ll be honest– I wasn’t sure I’d be able to think of a way to do solid colors in a way that works with my current situation. Normally I’d be ok with B=brown, and even do have some solid brown in my stash. But I’m having to be quite choosy in my clothing makes right now to maximize my maternity wardrobe, and brown really doesn’t go with much of anything I have for that. My given name (Rebecca) wouldn’t work, because I hardly ever buy even prints with red in them. My last name wouldn’t work, because I already used up the off-white knit I had on another maternity shirt back in the fall. So I’m bending the rules, and submitting a black dress. Because S was one of the initials for that, and my blog is called Sew And So. So there. 🙂

This dress is a modified version of Simplicity 3678, made out of some super-soft black rayon knit. To make a long story short, I lengthened the dress, added a little more room in the front, added a faux cami (for modesty) and an invisible zipper in the waistband (for nursing access, since I’d like to be able to wear this for more than just the next 3 months.)

Maternity maxi-dress I should have plenty of room to grow for the last trimester, though! If you want more details on the zipper modification, just click on the link above. Happy sewing!

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